Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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My name is Kayla Calloway and I am an Atlanta-based hip-hop PR Pro and self-proclaimed hip-hop connoisseur. Ask me anything about hip-hop? No seriously, I’m a walking hip-hop dictionary:) I’ve been in the PR industry for 5+ years. I got my start by doing freelance PR work with local hip-hop artists, namely friends of mine and with notables such as Warren G, Chrisette Michelle, Outlawz and B-Rich. When I originally started out in the PR field, I just wanted to get enough experience so that I could land a job at a top 10 PR firm, such as Edelman or Ogilvy, because I didn’t have any formal PR experience, because I was an English major, with a strong emphasis on Modern Literature. So with that being said I know exactly what it means to be self-made and work from the ground up. I eventually did land internships at those coveted firms, but in the meantime in between time I had accumulated so much hip-hop experience, specifically indie that while I was interning I had steady streams of work. In fact during my interview at Ogilvy, my soon-to-be supervisor and mentor was already urging me to start my own niche hip-hop PR firm. So after my Ogilvy post, I went to work for firms such as Communications 21 but ultimately I decided to continue on my own hip-hop PR trek. I’ve worked with many major artists and hip-hop related organizations, but along the way, I realized that one of the things I loved most was working with indie and emerging hip-hop artists who were ambitious, hell bent on starting their own movements and what I call DIYers(indie and emerging hip-hop artists who are controlling their own brands; by creating their own movements and releasing their own music) The type of hip-hop artists, indie hip-hop labels and hip-hop managers that understood the whole premise and importance of PR; artists that I could co-conspire with. So as a branch result of that realization I decided to launch this blog as a DIY information hub that caters specifically to indie and emerging hip-hop artists. So enter my world and pick-up indispensable hip-hop marketing advice along the way too.

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During my time with XXL magazine as Music Editor Kayla Calloway PR was extremely helpful in doing my job. The firm kept me abreast of the goings on within the music scene of Atlanta and whenever we worked together it was always an easy process of securing information and setting up client interviews. Anslem Samuel, Senior Producer for Digital Interactive for Black Enterprise

Kayla Calloway is on top of her game! I hired Kayla out for last minute media exposure in ATL. I contacted Kayla on Sunday night, while en route to Atlanta. Within less than 24 hours, Kayla had booked Warren on ATL's top urban >radio stations and lined up interviews with numerous print outlets. She's a hard worker, who works very well under pressure. She truly exceeded our expectations. Wron G, Warren G’s Manager

Kayla Calloway was referred to me by a business client and I was very happy with Ms. Calloway's performance and her consistent calls on keeping me updated with her progress. Ms. Calloway handled the PR for my screening for my bio documentary I Am...Choke No Joke in Atlanta, GA and I had an excellent turn out with several media outlets present. I was so impressed with Ms. Calloway’s work that I hired her again for the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA. Choke No Joke, BET Producer

Kayla Calloway possess an optimal mix of professionalism and personality; of heart and hustle. She is a wonder to work with and is even agreeable to disagree with. She is a surgeon among spin doctors; a flack that takes no slack, a great communicator, a compassionate conduit and she will be there, step by step, to walk that path with you. Dasun Allah, Former Editor-In-Chief of The Source- Features Editor for Hip Hop Weekly -Former Head Writer for the Star & Buc Wild Show

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