Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Create a Social Media Plan To Promote Your Mixtape

  • Set measurable goals
  • Seek out online groups and communities that are relevant to your music and brand in general
  •  Identify key influencers in those groups and communities
  •  Based on your findings, create a content strategy
  •  After a content strategy is formed, allot a time frame to promote your mixtape & once that time period has ended.
  • Repeat and apply these steps toward creating and delivering content about your music and personal brand in general. Consistency, transparency and engaging content is key and remember that social media participation is a commitment.
So what should you say??? To help you brainstorm, I’ve included a few tweet examples from emerging Atlanta hip-hop artist Yung Booke below:   
If u keep #bands on u.. This is your anthem!!! GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! 5:47 PM Dec 3rd via Twitter for Android
Go download "Bands On Me" feat. @jfuturistic09 & MDC Nowww!!  
I used his tweets as an example, because they are engaging, consistent and in sync with his persona.
  • Engage in conversations with fans, followers and people that are interested in and or talking about your mixtape and music in general
  • Be a conversation starter: Facilitate conversations amongst fans, followers, contemporaries, and influencers

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