Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Get The Source Magazine to Tell Your Story

Editorial Calendar Exp.
1.   Make sure that your story is newsworthy and interesting.
2.   Keep your media pitch short, simple and to the point.
3.   Make sure that your press releases and supporting materials are sent to the appropriate media contact.
4.   Make sure that you’re available for additional info.
5.   If an editor, writer, reporter or hip-hop blogger responds to your pitch, treat their questions and/or requests for additional info with urgency! (I cannot stress this enough)
6.  Target media outlets that cater specifically to your target audience.
7.   Become VERY familiar with the media outlets that you are targeting. Whether you’re targeting a print publication, hip-hop website or blog, know which section you would like to be featured in and find out the name and contact info of that direct editor, hip-hop blogger or writer. For example if you want one of your mixtape tracks to be featured on’s Bangers section, contact the Director of Digital Content.
8.   Utilize editorial calendars. Editorial calendars are lists that outline specific topics that print media outlets plan to cover within each issue of the year. For example, The Source magazine’s annual July issue is the Independent Artist/Label Package Issue. Editorial calendars are a great tool to utilize for planning which magazines & sections you want to pitch yourself too. (See blog post image)
9.  Always send an email first. Email is the preferred contact for mostly all hip-hop media professionals.       
10. Make sure your email subject line is appealing.
11. Cut and paste your mixtape/music press release, in addition to attaching it.
12. Keep note of your contact history with the editor, writer or hip-hop blogger. Make note of things such as, whether you made contact with them or not? Were they interested in your music and/or mixtape? Did they say when you should email or call again?

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