Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Can You Get For $5?

I stumbled across a cool site called and I wanted to pass it along. I know many of my readers still hold regular 9-5’s while pursuing their hip-hop dreams, which translates to having to carefully budget for music expenses and the constant search for cost-effective services and solutions. is a site where people share what they’re willing to do for $5.00 bucks; some of the stuff is random and wacky.
I do believe that you get what you pay for. However, there are some cool and useful services on the site that are worth checking out. They have many different sections on the site. I have listed the most useful sections for indie and upcoming hip-hop artists, along with examples of actual services people have offered on below:
Music and Audio:I will clean up your vocal track professionally for $5”                                   
Video: “I will create you an URBAN grunge street, gritty, dirty, dark and edgy industrial hip-hop theme text intro opener for $5”
Graphics: “I will graphic design anything for $5”
Social Marketing: “I will create a Twitter background design for $5”
Check it out and play around with it; see what $5 bucks can get you at

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