Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Mixtape Review" Chip Gnarly: G.O.D. (Guilty of Dedication)

I’d like to introduce you to "Mixtape Review" an outlet for which will be reviewing mixtapes from the freshest crop of indie and emerging hip-hop artists! First up              Chip Gnarly: G.O.D. (Guilty of Dedication)

Chip Gnarly: G.O.D. (Guilty of Dedication)
This one is for the Cali folks. Chip Gnarly, a 17 year old Inglewood, California bred rapper, recently released his second mixtape, G.O.D. (Guilty of Dedication). Gnarly gives listeners that cool California sound but doesn’t limit himself to it. His music has dimension that surpasses his region and offers his listeners a different take that may have not been heard before, which is difficult to do. He even shows off an ear for sampling, alongside producer Mike Free, with the song “Gangsta Party”. And while some lyrics are catchy and even humorous like those found in a personal favorite “You Gone Learn Today”, others recount life memories and reveal his passion for music. G.O.D. shows a great deal of growth since his first mixtape, Fre$hOuThaBox and leave fans intrigued for what’s to come.



“You Gone Learn Today” Video:

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