Monday, July 2, 2012

How Odd Future Has Reached Commercial Success While Maintaining Independence

Many people first encountered Odd Future at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards when Tyler the Creator took home the “Best New Artist” Award. Viewers watched as a group of rowdy teens took over the stage, while Tyler delivered a memorable speech that was so filled with profanities those at home could barely decipher. It left many asking who are these guys? Since then Odd Future's buzz has continually increased and they have accumulated a cult-like following.  Odd Future has perfected the art of lifestyle branding. Effectively utilizing social media and merchandising they cornered their niche market by connecting with fans and giving them the opportunity to feel as though they are apart of the Odd Future lifestyle. To date, they have released a compilation album, Odd Future Volume 2-  which peaked at  #5 on the Billboard 200 charts, performed to sold-out shows, developed a television show for Adult Swim, and haved received industry nods from major artists such as, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. So how is it that Odd Future has achieved commercial success without a major label backing them and radioplay? Let's examine some of the factors.

The majority of Odd Future's buzz has been generated via music blogs and their own social media presence. The group is constantly updating their Twitter, group and personal Tumblrs, YouTube channel and website. There almost 24-hour like usage of social media gives fans a glance into their lives and mindsets; making them relatable, and when fans feel that they can relate to artists they are more apt to support their endeavors. Odd Future brings in a very respectable amount of revenue with their merchandise. What started as silly t-shirts and Free Earl hoodies has turned into a thriving self-made and self-contained brand, which is now expanding to jeans, jackets and skateboards. They currently have an online store, a shop in Los Angeles and subsequent pop-up shops in each city that they tour in. Independent artists can learn many lessons from their journey, which include finding your niche market and catering to them rather than the masses. Check out there latest video “Sam is Dead” below:


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