Monday, July 16, 2012

"Mixtape Review" Luke Christopher "Tmrw, Tmrw"

A lot of times when you hear talk about a person with star quality you may hear the term “It Factor”; that indescribable something that is a huge component in the making of a star. Well, I’d like to introduce you to 19 year old, LA-based Luke Christopher, a guy that definitely has the “It Factor”. While listening to his mixtape, “Tmrw, Tmrw”, I was pretty engaged after the second track. If there was one word to describe Christopher’s music, it would be multi-dimensional. He is the definition of a modern day hip-hop artist. He raps of his truth through humor and wit. He doesn’t sell dope and he doesn’t buy out the bar in VIP. He is someone trying to understand the world and make his dreams come true while navigating through love and relationships, and working to define himself as the man he aims to be. That is what you hear in his music. Impressively, he produced most of the songs on his mixtape. He has a very organic ear for sampling, as shown in the song “On Fire”. You never get bored with the sound because each track is totally different while possessing enough common ground to tie the project together. “Tmrw, Tmrw” features a dope guest appearance from hip-hop legend Common. Additionally, Luke Christopher showcases his vocal talents on “Tmrw, Tmrw”.  His voice has a tone similar to Frank Ocean with a hint of soul that mimics a John Legend/Musiq Soulchild hybrid. It’s very exciting to see someone this young with so much talent and promise. Keep an eye out for Luke Christopher.

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