Monday, July 9, 2012

"Mixtape Review" Tribal Council "Reacquainted"

To be honest, when I first decided to review the group, Tribal Council’s mixtape "Reacquainted" I was skeptical. Because I wasn’t able to find much info on the group, I was expecting to hear something very amateur. However, I am pleased to say that Tribal Council is anything but. Tribal Council is so awesome in fact, that while listening to the project I was wondering why I had never heard of them before. On the very first track, “The Council”, TC’s emcees, B-Dot and InfoSlim, come out lyrically swinging. Alongside the other members, P_FrmDaTribe, Roc, Terence.E and Bob_frmthetribe, they take turns throughout the mixtape showing off their skills. The songs have a laid back vibe and an ease to them. The beats often have an old school hip hop feel that will have you bobbing your head from one track to the next. It easy to tell by listening to the group that they are all very comfortable and confident in their skills and thus don’t have to try too hard to make the music work. I am very excited to see how Tribal Council progresses from here. There is definitely a spot for them at the top.

Twitter (Individual group members):                                                                                       
@P_FrmDaTribe, @Bob_FrmTheTribe, @SheIsBDot (B-Dot), @DreamHrdTribe19 (Terence.E), @InfoSlim_HRD (Info Slim), @RockyFrmDaTribe (Roc)
The Council” Video:                                                                                               

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