Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wisdom From GooDie Mob: T-Mo & Khujo Give Advice to Indie & Upcoming Hip-Hop Artists

I had the opportunity to speak with T-Mo & Khujo of GooDie Mob at the introduction of my family's non-profit organization, The GreenHouse Foundation ( Check out what 3 tips these members of my favorite hip-hop group gave to indie & upcoming   hip-hop artists.1. My advice I would give to indie hip-hop artists is:                                                                                      1.) Do your homework. Research the people that came before you, so that you can get pointers and ideas.- Khujo GooDie

2. Figure out how to make money. Figure out how you get paid from the music industry.- Khujo GooDie
3. Educate yourself to your highest level and don't forget you'll never stop learning as long as you're living on this earth; just try to open your mind up and learn as much as you can, because the more you know the more you can incorporate in your music and the more you sound like you know a little something when you're rapping to someone; because when things get monotonous people kind of get uninterested or distracted easily, so when you're playing your music for someone you want them to be interested and you want to hold their attention for as long as you can, so if you're saying something interesting; something that can motivate them or inspire them; something that can take them to a higher level, you might win something! You feel me.- T-Mo GooDie

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