Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Media Outreach Tips From The Essential Guide To Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity

Check out this excellent post "5 Media Outreach Tips FromThe Essential Guide To Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity" written about yours truly:) by: Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith

Though "The Essential Guide To Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity" is focused on hip hop, its insights emphasize basic principles that are relevant across music genres. Written by hip hop publicist Kayla Calloway, this short ebook covers such topics as media pitching and mixtape marketing including advice for outreach to writers and editors in both print and web media.
Kayla Calloway says she particularly enjoys working with indie artists and DIY'ers. In The Essential Guide To Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity she includes basic media pitching tips for both the web and print, press release advice, a starter hip hop media list, 10 tips for mixtape marketing and useful thoughts on social media and videos. I pulled the following tips from the ebook that I think are useful for all musicians.
5 Media Outreach Tips (Even If You're Not a Rapper)
1) "Become VERY familiar with the media outlets that you are targeting. Whether you are targeting a print publication, hip-hop website or blog, know which section you would like to be featured in and find out the name and contact info of that direct editor, hip-hop blogger or writer."
2) "Utilize editorial calendars. Editorial calendars are lists that outline specific topics that print media outlets plan to cover within each issue of the year."
3) "Keep note of your contact history with the editor, writer or hip-hop blogger. Make note of things such as, whether you spoke with them or not? Were they interested in your mixtape? Did they say when you should email or call again? Did they give you a preferred method of contact?"
4) "When you follow-up with the editor, hip-hop blogger or writer, always offer something additional, such as new or exclusive music; keep them in the loop of what you have going on. Never say you are following up to see if they received your email."
5) "If a hip-hop editor, writer, reporter or blogger responds to your pitch, treat their questions and/or requests for additional info with urgency! (I cannot stress this enough)"

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Logic: Young Sinatra: Undeniable

My first thought about Logic aka Young Sinatra, while listening to his mixtape, “Young Sinatra: Undeniable” released earlier this year was that he sounded very mature; and not just lyrics wise, but in his overall presentation. His beats are original and often pair hard beats with softer melodies; resulting in songs that range in sound; from west coast gangsta rap to something that could be heard on Watch The Throne. Logic is very versatile with his tempo and rhythm, and he understands the creation of metaphoric wordplay. One thing I enjoyed most about this mixtape is that it is easy to tell which artists and music he is influenced by. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Nas, and Jay-Z, while simultaneously adding his own current & original touch. Additionally, Young Sinatra seems to have quite an impressive following so it will be interesting to see his progress.
Website: http://mindoflogic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Logic301