Monday, April 15, 2013

8 Hip-Hop Blogs That You May Have Never Heard Of

I recently came across a site/service called Inkybee, which is a service that helps subscribers find the most popular bloggers in whichever niche that they are searching for. I recently took advantage of their free trial, which extends through April 30th, and performed a hip-hop search and came across several hip-hop blogs that I was not familiar with prior. So without further ado, here are 8 hip-hop blogs that you may not have ever heard of:

1. Passion Weiss
Description/Tagline: Interviews, Mixes & etc.

2. Mostly Junkfood
Description/Tagline: New Music, Reviews, Interviews & More

3. Tom Clements
Description/Tagline: Written by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. An Indie UK hip-hop blog

4. The Metropolitan Jolt
Description/Tagline: We're like you, we like good music.

5. This Song is Sick
Description/Tagline: A electronic & hip-hop music blog featuring only sick songs.

6. The Music Ninja
Description/Tagline: Discover Everyday Music

7. Rap Ruler
Description/Tagline: Your hip-hop measuring stick.

8. Fist in the Air
Description/Tagline: Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio music site.

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