Thursday, January 22, 2015

Black Republican

Me with Sen. Johnny Isakson
"I feel like a Black Republican, money I got comin' in
Can't turn my back on the hood, I got love for them" Jay-Z
I kinda feel like that sometimes, because I'm very prim and proper, yet I love hip-hop and I'm from the Westside of Atlanta, which I will forever rep:)

I know it's been awhile since you've heard from me, but I am very excited to be back posting new content on

I didn't post much in 2013 & none in 2014:/. But I'm making up for it, I have some amazing & unique content in store. In the past I solely posted marketing & PR advice for indie & upcoming hip-hop artists & that will still be the driving force. However, you'll see more of how hip-hop has influenced me and much more fun, cool content.

So you may be wondering what I was doing during my hiatus or maybe not lol... But I was in D.C. working in Sen. Isakson's office; I had a dope opportunity to work press in his office and it was very interesting to work across party lines; as I am a Democrat, and experience the roll-out of President Obama's Affordable Care Act and so much more ....Yep your girl like hip-hop & politics:) back to that Black Republican hook.......A-ha like when you watching a movie and they say the title of the movie in the movie. Okay that might have been a little lame, but you get what I'm trying to say.

During my time away from blogging, I constantly received inquiries from readers & hip-hop artists emailing, tweeting & sending FB messages asking for advice. However it wasn't until a few months ago that I decided I wanted to re-launch. You see a friend of mine was like Kayla that's messed up it's like letting people who support you down & I was like damn you right. And I instantly remembered just how much I love sharing my knowledge, problem solving and being a resource for a new wave of something I love so much; Hip-Hop.

But I won't get all Brown Sugar on you, but I just wanted to say it's official I'm back posting again:) and you can check for me on the regular.

Until then,

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