Monday, April 6, 2015

"5 Questions" With Social Marketing Extraordinaire & Playola Founder Lance Coleman aka FuzetheMC

I had the opportunity to interview social media strategist and creative visionary Lance Coleman aka (Fuze the MC). Lance is truly a future leader in the music and technology space and he's a pretty dope MC too:) Check below to read what Lance had to say about his upcoming artist app for building fanbases Playola, email marketing tips for indie and upcoming hip-hop artists and much more!

You can follow Lance Coleman on Twitter & IG @fuzethemc

1.) I remember you having a buzz as a hip-hop artist around 2011 with critical acclaim and numerous features including XXL & more & I thought you were dope. Do you still have an interest in making music or has your focus entirely shifted to digital strategy and being behind the scenes?
I still have a great deal of interest in creating music and I am constantly working on stuff. I should have a project released sometime this year. I recently participated in an amazing accelerator/incubator program in Oakland called Zoo Labs and it really helped me reframe my creative approach to music. 

2.) What social media advice would you give to indie and upcoming hip-hop artists?
Use Playola to get fans! Lol. Seriously in all honesty, I would just say make sure you own your connection to your fans and you understand them deeply on an analytics level. Make sure you have your email list and treat it like gold! That's all that matters. Don't follow the hype or the buzz just follow your list. Cultivate it and learn how email marketing works. The same rules that apply to most other businesses apply to the music business when it's DIY. Also NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. You live and die by your access and information in this industry. 

3.) Tell me about your firm IV the Love. What artists have you worked with and what are some of your campaign success stories?
We have worked with a variety of artists and their management companies from Common to the Roots to Jill Scott. One of my favorite success stories is working on Common's most recent tour. We did the on stage graphics/artwork and served as a think tank in coming up with the tour concepts. That was particularly special to me because my mother's birthday happened to land the weekend the tour came to Atlanta, GA, so I took her and her best friend. It was one of the few times my mother got a actually understanding of what it is that I do. Lol.

4.) Tell me about your upcoming artist app for building fanbases Playola and how the idea came into play?
The app is still very much in the developmental stage, but basically we allow artists to have their music played all over the world in cars, bars, clubs, festivals and etc,; and in return they receive the analytics and contact information of newly acquired fans. I will definitely keep you posted as the project unfolds.

5.) Who are some of your favorite new and/or indie hip-hop artists?
Man I've have a bunch. Of course everyone in my Wheelhouse at Noble Black Society with particular excitement for Tia P, Just Jones Music and Paul Le Charmeur....there's really just so many. But outside of the home team I'm really checking for Chance the Rapper, SZA, Lion Babe, G-Eazy and a few others.

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