My name is Kayla Calloway and I am a PR/communications professional, former hip-hop publicist, hip-hop connoisseur and author of "The Essential Guide to Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity". Ask me anything about hip-hop? No seriously, I’m a walking hip-hop dictionary:) I have over 5+ years of PR experience. I got my start by doing freelance PR work with local hip-hop artists, namely friends of mine and with notables such as Warren G, Chrisette Michelle, Outlawz and B-Rich. When I originally started out in the PR field, I just wanted to get enough experience so that I could land a job at a top 10 PR firm, such as Edelman or Ogilvy, because I didn’t have any formal PR experience, because I was an English major, with a strong emphasis on Modern Literature. 
So with that being said I know exactly what it means to be  self-made and work from the ground up. I eventually did land internships at those coveted firms, but in the meantime in between time I had accumulated so much hip-hop experience, specifically indie that while I was interning I had steady streams of work. In fact during my interview at Ogilvy, my soon-to-be supervisor and mentor was already urging me to start my own niche hip-hop PR firm. I’ve worked with many major artists and hip-hop related organizations, but along the way, I realized that one of the things I loved most was working with indie and emerging hip-hop artists who were ambitious, hell bent on starting their own movements and what I call DIYers(indie and emerging hip-hop artists who are controlling their own brands; by creating their own movements and releasing their own music) The type of hip-hop artists, indie hip-hop labels and hip-hop managers that understood the whole premise and importance of PR; artists that I could co-conspire with.

So after my Ogilvy post, I went to work for firms including Communications 21; and I've worked in law and politics, in fact I still have political interests, but ultimately I am a fan of hip-hop, especially 90s hip-hop. So as a result of that realization I launched this blog in 2011 as a DIY information hub that caters specifically to indie and emerging hip-hop artists. So stay and look around and pick-up some indispensable hip-hop PR & marketing advice along the way too.

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